Who Am I

And What Am I Doing Here?


Hello, and welcome…

Eric St. Pierre, here. I am a Pensacola based writer (meh) and artist (maybe) with a sometimes overwhelming fascination with humanity. I am enamored by their stories, their posture, their walls, their magic, their walk, and dance. Here you will find my homages to humanity via art and words. My intent is to update this site every Sunday. If you are interested in commissioning me or using my work, please email me at ericst.pierre03@gmail.com. Thank you.

Now You Know: Reviews, a blog of sorts, a place to view my works that are not part of a collection

Faces You Know: Collage portraits of celebrities and fictional characters

Faces You Might Know: Collage portraits of everyday people

You Are an Animal: A collection of poems written from 2016 - May of 2019

Corporeal Creatures: A collection of poems written from May of 2019 - current

Our Separate Lives: A study on the process of redefining the connections we make with others

Entries: A collection of photographs with my personal diary entries written on them

Pieces: Excerpts from my novel-in-progress, Tigers and Saints. The excerpts are not finalized and many are early rough drafts